CodePath Fall 2020 Tech Fellows Scholarship Program

CodePath is excited to launch a scholarship program to award our top 10 performing Fall 2020 Tech Fellows at $5,000 each. Learn more.

Supporting Our Student Leaders Across the US

In recognition of our Tech Fellows' dedication in creating learning opportunities for other students, CodePath is excited to create a scholarship program to ease our Tech Fellows' challenges.

10 Tech Fellows will receive a scholarship award of $5,000 per person for delivering positive program health, exemplifying CodePath's values (see below), and closely collaborating with CodePath's Gurus and Operations teams.

Eligibility Criteria

All Fall 2020 Tech Fellows who run a CodePath course this semester or quarter are eligible to apply for the scholarship award.

Note: Tech Fellows must meet minimum application/enrollment requirements to run a class. Tech Fellows who do not meet the minimum application/enrollment numbers to run a class will not be eligible to apply.

Nomination and Assessment Process

To apply for the scholarship, Tech Fellows will need to first nominate themselves (or have their Gurus nominate them) by submitting the application form below (the application form will open on October 19).

Tech Fellows will be assessed throughout the Fall 2020 semester/quarter on their course delivery performance, exemplification of CodePath's values, and collaboration with the Gurus and Operations team members.

Part I: How does the Tech Fellow deliver a positive program experience and collaborate effectively with the Gurus and Operations teams? 

Tech Fellows will be measured according to a scoring and assessment developed by the Gurus and Operations team. 

Part II: How does the Tech Fellow best exemplify CodePath’s values throughout the Fall 2020 semester/quarter?

As part of the application form (to be open on October 19), Tech Fellows (or Gurus) will submit written essays that best describe how they exemplify the following CodePath values: 

  • Keep promises to our students: Does the Tech Fellow work with integrity and strive to always keep his/her commitments to our students?
  • Empower Others: Does the Tech Fellow work with an eye towards lifting up and empowering others to succeed?
  • Empathy and Diversity: Does the Tech Fellow strive to stay curious and constantly build stronger empathy, acting from a place of understanding when interacting with each other and our students?
  • Growth towards excellence: Does the Tech Fellow strive for extremely high standards of quality, even when no one expects it?
  • Experimentation and celebrate learning: Does the Tech Fellow celebrate experimentation and is creative about trying new things, testing new ideas and proving hypotheses? 


  • August 26 - Official announcement of scholarship program
  • August - December - Fall 2020 Tech Fellows will lead and teach their respective CodePath classes at their universities
  • October 19 - January 15 - Nomination forms open (Tech Fellows can nominate themselves or Gurus can submit nominations as well)

Applications CLOSED

The application period for this scholarship program has ended.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CodePath Fall 2020 Tech Fellow Scholarship Program?

CodePath’s Tech Fellows are upper level CS students who are trained and then volunteer to teach our iOS/Android Mobile App Development or Cybersecurity courses at the college they attend. This scholarship program will award the top 10 performing Fall 2020 Tech Fellows at $5,000 each.


When can I apply for the scholarship?

Applications will open on October 19, 2020 - January 15, 2020. When applications open, Tech Fellows can submit the applications to nominate themselves or have a Guru nominate the Tech Fellow.


Who can apply for the scholarship?

All Fall 2020 Tech Fellows who run a course this semester or quarter are eligible to apply. Both Tech Fellows who run a course for-credit and non-credit can apply. 

Non-credit Tech fellows who do not meet the application/enrollment requirements to run a course will not be eligible to apply.


I'm not signed up as a Tech Fellow for Fall 2020, but I will be a Tech Fellow for Spring 2021. Can I apply for this scholarship?

No. This scholarship is only available to the Fall 2020 Tech Fellows. 

There is a separate scholarship program for new Tech Fellows who bring CodePath to a minority-serving institution in Spring 2021. For more information, click here. 


What does the application process entail?

To be considered for the scholarship, you will need to submit an application, which will open on October 19.

Applicants will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Program health
  • Guru assessment
  • Operations assessment
  • Exemplification of CodePath's values

For more information, scroll up to read our "Nomination and Assessment Process" section.


When will I be notified of my scholarship status?

Scholarship award winners will be notified in 2021.


I have more questions. Who can I contact?

Please email with any questions.