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Already have programming experience and want to learn the ins and outs of iOS development at blistering speed? CodePath is offering a 10-week course featuring the same rigorous curriculum built for our professional engineers. Six intense projects give you the skills you need to build your own custom iOS app.

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10 weeks

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Course Dates and Times

Feb 19 to April 30, 2022 (10 am - 12 pm PT)

Admission Deadline

Feb 4, 2022 at 11:59 pm PT

Course Description

CodePath’s iOS Mobile Development course is a ten-weeks long project-based exploration into iOS mobile app development, focusing on the design and implementation of RESTful API clients. College students from computer science or software-related majors are welcome.

Classes meet every Saturday mornings for lab and working sessions. Students strengthen their technical skills by completing coding labs and building three fully functional app assignment projects using the APIs of popular apps like Tumblr, Yelp and Twitter.

During the second half of the course, students will participate in a group project and apply everything they've learned into conceptualizing, designing, and architecting their own functioning mobile apps from scratch. Teams will be given the chance to present their apps at CodePath's Demo Day and receive feedback from professional software engineers.

Past judges and alumni have included Steve Huffman (Reddit CEO & Co-Founder), Alan McConnell (Head of Live Engineering at Instagram), Tina Schuchman (Director of Engineering at Facebook), and other industry leaders

Many of our students have shipped their iOS apps to the Apple app store, launched their own start-ups, or built their own portfolios to show employers.

You Should Take This Course If...


You are familiar with object-oriented programming and would like the hands-on challenge of building apps to enhance your other coursework

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You have access to a Mac computer and can devote 5-10 hours per week to completing your assignments


You are curious about mobile app development, and you want a chance to gain skills that will make you more valuable

What You’ll Learn

Learning with Hands-on Projects:

  • Individual app assignments with code review and feedback
  • Labs to practice pair-programming while working on apps
  • Online support forum to get questions answered

Topics Covered will include:

  • View and View Controllers
  • Auto Layout
  • Navigation
  • Animation and Gestures
  • Networking
  • Debugging

Did You Know?


US adults spend an average of 223 minutes on mobile devices every day


In the US, there are over 100 million iPhone users, accounting for 45% of smartphone users.


Mobile App Engineers make an average salary of $111,000


  • College students enrolled in US colleges and universities and are 18 or older

  • Have taken an intro to object-oriented programming class or have existing familiarity

  • Have  completed a data structures and algorithms course or have existing familiarity

  • Are majoring in CS, Software Engineering, or related subject

  • Have access to a Mac computer (with the latest Mac OS installed) that can download and run XCode 12

  • Can commit to attending classes and labs each week and completing 5-10 hours of work outside of class time


How to Apply

The application is a 2-step process:

  1. Fill out a 10-15 minute questionnaire about your previous exposure to computer science, your interest in a career in tech, and general information about you as a person.

  2. Applicants will then complete a pre-work task for the course. The pre-work assignment is meant to help you set-up your environment prior to the start of class.

Hear from Our Alums

My experience at CodePath was by far the most significant experience I’ve had in college. Before CodePath I had no idea what I wanted to do with tech I just knew I wanted to be in it. The future was still very hazy and I was getting anxiety because I was worried I wasn’t going to succeed despite being at a great university. After CodePath, I continued working on my final project for that class and applied to be part of The Basement at UCSD’s summer incubator program where I evolved my project into a startup. I have never been more confident in what I want to do now, and it’s all thanks to CodePath.

German Flores

University of California, San Diego

I got a first hand view of what software engineering and app development looked like. CodePath’s iOS course gave us the tools needed to create an app, from the design and planning stages to the actual implementation of the app. I am grateful for the learning opportunity given to me and hope to apply those skills as an engineer.


Morgan State University

The CodePath iOS course was structured in a way that facilitates learning while providing the support needed. Concepts covered in the course are mostly fundamental to iOS development and were frequently employed in iOS apps. Overall, it is a valuable learning experience in which you can learn through hand-on activities.


CUNY Hunter College

CodePath is everything I wished normal school would be. The course provided great instruction with enough ambiguity to make you work hard for yourself. 


Santa Monica College



Timothy Lee
Chief Learning Officer



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