CodePath Spring 2021 Tech Fellow Scholarship Program

CodePath is excited to offer 10 scholarships at $10,000 each to teams of student leaders who launch and teach our mobile app development and cybersecurity courses at Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs). Apply today!

Enhancing CS Education at Colleges Serving Underrepresented Minorities

10 teams of students (each team can consist of 2 or more students) will be awarded $10,000 to become Spring 2021 Tech Fellows, bring CodePath’s courses to their Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), and teach the curriculum to other computer science students in their local community.

CodePath’s Tech Fellow program offers direct management and teaching experience, valuable leadership development, technical skills improvement and priority access to CodePath’s career services (including resume building support, career fairs, conferences and projects, when available).  The scholarships are intended to encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity, especially students who lost internships this year due to Covid-19.

Eligibility Criteria

Student teams must:

  • Be a team of two or more students enrolled at the same four-year Minority Serving institution (i.e. HBCU, HSI, PBI or others); note: students at community colleges are not eligible
  • Be majoring in computer science or have computer science as an area of focus
  • Be enrolled as full time undergraduate  (preferably sophomore or above) or graduate students
  • Have excelled at the courses to be taught or have existing familiarity with the topics
  • Attend and actively participate (i.e. complete all required activities and stay in constant communication with the CodePath team) in CodePath’s 8-week Tech Fellow training
  • If running the course for non-credit, Tech Fellows must also market the course on-campus to reach a minimum of 25 admitted university students 
  • Make a time commitment:
    • Application Process: Complete a pre-work assignment (2-3 hours total)
    • During Training: Have 5-10 hours per week during training (6 weeks in total)
    • During Course: Have 5-10 hours per week during the course (12 weeks in total). Please note, course time can be split up between multiple Tech Fellows per team


  • October 7, 11:59 pm PT - Scholarship application deadline
  • October 10 - Final selection of Spring 2021 Tech Fellows
  • October 14 - Tech Fellow training begins
  • January/February 2021 - CodePath classes begin for the Spring 2021 semester
  • Scholarship grants will be awarded during the 5th week of Spring 2021 class 

Applications are closed.

If you have questions, contact

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CodePath Spring 2021 Tech Fellow Scholarship Program?

CodePath’s Tech Fellows are upper level CS students who are trained and then volunteer to teach our iOS/Android Mobile App Development or Cybersecurity courses at the college they attend. This Tech Fellow Scholarship Program will award 10 teams of 2 or more students a cash grant of $10,000 per team to bring CodePath’s courses to a Minority Serving Institution (i.e. HBCU, HSI, PBI, AANAPISI, etc.) for the Spring 2021 term. Team members will attend virtual training during the fall and be ready to teach in the spring term.


What is a Minority Serving Institution?

According to the US Department of Interior, "MSIs are institutions of higher education that serve minority populations. They are unique both in their missions and in their day-to-day operations. Some of these colleges and universities are located in remote regions of the country, whereas others serve urban neighborhoods. Some are only a few decades old, whereas others, have been striving for more than a century to give their constituents the social and educational skills needed to overcome racial discrimination and limited economic opportunities."


When can I apply for the scholarship?

Applications are open now. The deadline is October 7, 2020 at 11:59 pm PT.


Who can apply for the scholarship?

Full time college students at MSIs who are sophomores or above, are CS majors or have CS as an area of concentration, have taken these courses or have strong familiarity with the topics,  and who are looking for experience to build their resumes. You must be teamed up with at least one other student at your university or college to share the workload. For more details about being a CodePath Tech Fellow, read this.


I'm currently a student at a MSI community college. Does this scholarship opportunity apply to me?

No. Unfortunately, you will need to be a student enrolled in a four-year college or university that is identified as a Minority Serving Institution.


What does the application process entail?

Fill out a quick application below, with your basic information and short essays to answer the following questions:

  • Why are you interested in the CodePath Spring 2021 Tech Fellow Scholarship Program?
  • If awarded, how will you use the scholarship?
  • Why are you majoring in computer science/software engineering?
  • What are your career aspirations? 

After you submit the application, you will need to book and attend a 30 minute meeting with CodePath’s outreach team to discuss why you want to bring CodePath to your campus. Students who are accepted to become Tech Fellows will need to fulfill all of the requirements successfully to receive the scholarship during the Spring 2021 term.


Why should I become a CodePath Tech Fellow?

Becoming a CodePath fellow is a great way to gain leadership experience in tech that you can add to your resume. It is especially good for students who may have lost internship opportunities this year due to the disruptions brought on by Covid-19. By teaching CodePath’s courses to your peers, you will gain mastery in software development while making a lasting impact. CodePath’s Tech Fellows at Minority Serving Institutions are also helping to bolster the CS programs at their schools and encouraging other underserved students to join the tech industry.


I would like to bring CodePath’s courses to my campus, but I cannot teach the class. Will I still qualify for the scholarship?

No. But we would be delighted to bring CodePath courses to your school. Talk to your computer science department or contact us at


When will I be notified of my scholarship status?

Training for all accepted Spring 2021 Tech Fellows will begin on October 14. After fulfilling all the preparation and duties, Tech Fellow Scholarships will be awarded in early 2021 (five weeks after the Spring 2021 class starts). 


I have more questions. Who can I contact?

Please email with any questions. Pledges $150,000 in Scholarships to Jumpstart the Careers of Underrepresented Minority Computer Science Students

Bolstering computer science education at minority-serving institutions with scholarships worth up to $10,000, a nonprofit bridging the gap between colleges and employers to boost diversity in high tech jobs, today launched a scholarship program designed to financially empower students pursuing technology careers at minority-serving institutions. CodePath’s Tech Fellow Scholarship will support computer science student leaders in covering unexpected costs arising from the pandemic with grants worth between $5,000 and $10,000 each. 

Scholarships will be available for current CodePath “Tech Fellows”—students who lead CodePath’s engineering courses at their own colleges—and for students looking to launch CodePath courses at minority-serving institutions next Spring. The funds can be used to cover any educational, living, or career building expenses. 

“While our courses are always free to every student, we know that the pandemic has imposed incredible hardship on many in our community. We want to help ensure that surprise costs—from rent, early travel home, lost jobs, and more—don’t take our students off course,” said Michael Ellison, founder and CEO of CodePath. “Tech Fellows have already shown their dedication to creating learning opportunities for their fellow students. We’re so glad we’re able to ease some of their challenges.”

Tech Fellows are undergraduate or graduate students who operate CodePath’s industry-backed courses on their campuses—recruiting students to participate, facilitating class meetings, and guiding students through CodePath’s curriculum.  Tech Fellows who bring CodePath’s no-cost courses to their campuses receive extensive training and gain full access to CodePath’s curriculum. While CodePath provides grading, homework help, mentorship, video lectures, networking events, and more, Tech Fellows play a key role in keeping their campus’s students engaged in the program. 

The Fall 2020 scholarship will award $5,000 scholarships to 10 current individual Tech Fellows. To learn more about how to apply for the Fall 2020 Tech Fellow scholarship, click here.

The Spring 2021 scholarship will award $10,000 to 10 teams of Tech Fellows who bring CodePath’s courses to their minority-serving institutions. To learn more about how to apply for the Spring 2021 Tech Fellow scholarship, read above.