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Enroll in CodePath’s summer course and ace the technical interview. In 12-weeks, students will gain a preview of real-world software topics and be prepared to solve challenging algorithmic problems in whiteboard and coding interviews. Whether you're just starting out in computer science or you're a technical whiz about to go out and try to land your first “big” job in the industry, there is a track for you in this course.

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Course Cost



12 weeks



Skills Level

All Levels (beginners, intermediate, and advanced)

Course Dates

June 1 - August 21, 2021 (Tues at 6 pm - 8 pm PST & Sat at 10 am - 12 pm PST)

OR June 2 - August 21, 2021 (Wed at 3 - 5 pm PST & Sat at 12:30 - 2:30 pm PST)

Early Admission Deadline

April 25, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST

Final Admission Deadline

May 23, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST

Course Description

This 12-week, virtual class taught by professional engineers will help you solve challenging algorithmic problems so you can ace whiteboard and coding interviews to land internships and jobs at top tech companies. Over the course of the summer, you will attend lectures, labs, and info sessions, plus receive feedback on your resumes and get help searching for technical internships. With mock interview practice, students of all experience levels will be prepared to succeed in securing an internship that will lay the groundwork for a career in the tech industry. Based on your current level of experience, you will be placed into beginner, intermediate, or advanced sections of the course, working at the appropriate level with a cohort of peers and mentors to practice the skills you will need for your next interview.

You Should Take This Course If...


You are an undergraduate student or recent Spring 2021 graduate in computer science or related computing field who wants to apply for technical internships or jobs


You could use the confidence boost and practice that will help you ace technical interviews now and in your future career


You can commit to attending classes during the required days/times plus completing assignments outside of class time

What You’ll Learn

The course includes:

  • Lectures and algorithm labs
  • Interview practice
  • Tools and techniques for problem solving
  • Mentorship from industry professionals
  • Info sessions from experienced engineers
  • Resume feedback & internship search support
  • Fireside chats with industry engineers
  • Preview a variety of roles for professional software engineers

Based on level, specific topics include:

  • The UMPIRE Problem Solving Process (Understand, Match, Plan, Implement, Review, Evaluate)
  • Classic Algorithms (sort, search, traversal, hashmaps, etc)
  • Estimating the order of runtime complexity (Big O)
  • Code Style & Readability
  • Common Patterns encountered during Coding Interviews
  • Complex data structures: Binary Trees, Heaps
  • Object Oriented Design/Systems Design
  • Sorting: Merge Sort and Quick Sort
  • Recursion and Combinations

Peer Group Learning

Students will be matched with a group of other students based on experience, background and proficiency levels, forming "pods". Each pod will be paired with a dedicated mentor from the tech industry. Together, students in the pod will solve problems in a variety of formats, including presenting solutions to the group, mock-interviewing one another, and pair programming to a solution.

Many of our students have found the pod format to be beneficial and formed meaningful relationships with their mentors and "pod-mates". These relationships have been critical to building our students' confidence in entering the tech industry.

Did You Know?

Software Developers make a median salary of $107,510 per year. Software jobs are booming, with software developers being in the top 5 occupations for job growth, growing at 5x faster than the average of all jobs.

80% of Facebook employees have had an internship. So have 78% of Google employees and 55% of Apple employees. An internship gives you a leg up when it comes time to apply for jobs at top tech companies. (


More interview practice improves your odds of getting an on-site interview, with applicants who had done 5 or more practice interviews improving their odds by as much as 30%. (


  • Students who are currently enrolled in a college or university in the U.S. (or recently graduated in the Spring of 2021)
  • Students who are age 18 or older
  • Have completed at least one basic programming course
  • Students who are applying for the intermediate or advanced levels should also have taken an algorithms and data structures course
  • Students who are pursuing a course of study in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related subject
  • Must commit to attending classes during the required days and times; no exceptions will be made
  • Will be able to complete 5-10 hours of work outside class time each week


How to Apply

The application is a 2-step process:

  1. Fill out a 10-15 minute questionnaire about your previous exposure to programming, your interest in a career in tech, and general information about you as a person. NOTE: You will need a GitHub account in order to complete the application.

  2. Applicants will then need to complete pre-work for the course. The pre-work is a HackerRank assessment to give you a preview of our course and also help us determine the appropriate level for you at this time. No matter where you are in your educational journey, we have a track for you in this course.

Applicants must complete the questionnaire and pre-work in order to be considered for admission.



Caren Chang
Android Engineer


Tim Lee
Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer

Hear from Our Alums

"I am happy to share with you that I got a summer internship at Amazon! The CodePath Interview Prep course I attended this summer was super helpful to me during this process. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity."

rajasree chennupati

Arizona State University
Summer 2020

"This summer I had the amazing opportunity of learning Software Engineering from some incredibly smart, dedicated, and accomplished professionals in the field thanks to the hard work of everyone at Their summer Technical Interview Prep course was unlike any other class I've ever taken, both online and at school.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to the whole team for creating this experience that has given me so much new knowledge, allowed me to develop my technical skills further, and inspired me to keep working hard to reach my goal of becoming a Software Engineer."


Florida International University
Summer 2020

"Over the summer, I had the chance to take part in CodePath's Intermediate Software Engineering Prep class. This was a 12-week intensive class where I got the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of data structures and algorithms and apply this knowledge in solving exciting and challenging problems. Special thanks to my instructors for making this possible. Thanks to CodePath, I feel more confident in my interviewing skills now."


Minerva Schools at KGI
Summer 2020



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