VCF subheader2 is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit increasing diversity in tech by transforming college computer science education for underrepresented minorities and underserved populations.

We connect companies with high-performing software engineering talent vetted to meet your hiring needs.

Our pioneering, job-focused courses are developed in conjunction with industry and offered at more than 300 colleges and universities nationwide.




Kat Kime, Class of 2022

Incoming Software Engineer Intern, Intuit

Hired from our Sept 2020 Virtual Career Fair

Company partners have hired hundreds of students from CodePath VCFs:

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We are building the biggest tech talent pipeline in history

  • 1000+ students selected from a pool of 3,000+ applicants
  • Prepared for software engineering roles by 12 weeks of hands-on coursework
  • Average cohort of 48% underrepresented minorities
  • 31% female and non-binary identified
  • Representing all class years, from freshman to PhD
  • Selected from 70+ campuses across the country


We bring together hundreds of qualified, prepared applicants with companies seeking diverse, new talent

"CodePath have been an amazing partner. The more I work with them and meet with their students, the more impressed I become at the work they've done to support underrepresented populations in tech."

"We hired a great candidate. Even in a virtual world, his positive attitude and resilience shone through and left quite the impression. We're thrilled he chose to join us."

Carrie Whisel, DICK'S Sporting Goods
carrie whisel

50+ companies in tech, financial services, education, and healthcare hired CodePath students for technical positions in 2020

"We had a great experience meeting CodePath students. The Virtual Career Fair was very effective in providing a space for us to meet a large, impressive group of students with diverse backgrounds."

Cindy Ng, Intuit
cindy ng

59% of CodePath students who reached the final interview with Intuit received offers.

"I participated in the CodePath Virtual Career Fair in January 2021 and received an offer for an ISO Technology Developer at Verisk Analytics. Thank you to the CodePath team!"

Jane Akusoba, Former CodePath Student
jane akusoba

81% of our students continue to work in tech 1+ years after graduating

Our Virtual Career Fairs in Numbers:

53% of students received an offer for a technical position in 2021

One in three offers were accepted

Students accepted software engineering roles based in 20 states

Each participating company made an average of 4 hires

What to expect?


Showcase your business and opportunities

Virtual presentation and Q&A session to a diverse group of computer science students.

Fine-tune your candidate profile

Match with students based on:

  • Technical requirements
  • Course performance
  • Class year, visa requirements, etc
  • Geographic location
  • Interest in working for your company
Interact with students

Opportunities for extra facetime with students with optional Summer virtual events


Qualified, prepared candidates
  • 1000+ pre-vetted students selected from a pool of 3000+ applicants
  • Only meet students who are a 100% match to your hiring criteria
  • Connect with candidates in 1:1 sessions or small group chats
  • Schedule based on your availability
In-Portal Support
  • Meetings hosted by integrated video conferencing
  • Customizable downloads for each student profile
  • Share feedback on candidates within your team account
  • Support-ticketing in-portal assistance


Maintained Momentum

Students supported to work through your application process.

Continued Retargeting

Options for later events, outreach and promotion of your opportunities.


Continue to interview internally and hire students that meet your requirements.

Student Insights

Receive feedback on your hiring practices for diverse talent.

Company Spotlight

"Given our commitment to diversity and inclusion and our long-term strategic need for more technical talent, supporting is a no-brainer for Microsoft and me personally."
Kevin Scott
CTO, Microsoft